What do You Know About Us

Gika Holidays employees hold a passion for travel, diversity of cultures and different ways of life. They are keen to share it with our clients and they work tirelessly to get people’s holiday experiences just right and amazing.

Gika Holidays is a service provider to the global travel industry and governments with positions in its areas of activity and sustainable growth prospects, with a strong focus on the Americas, Asia and Africa. Behind Gika Holidays’s long tradition and remarkable success in travel industry lies a strong force: people who like to work for us and who all shares the same passion and precision needed to create “Perfect Moments” for our guests and clients. Gika Holidays’s employee survey result has confirmed that our work environment, day-to-day tasks, team spirit and support by managers are the most valued aspects. At Gika Holidays, we like to do the right things and we love to do things right.

Gika Holidays business ethics is formed by legal compliance, corporate social responsibility and good business practice. The Code of Conduct stands at the core of a set of state-of-the-art rules and regulations for managers and employees to base their decisions upon.Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.